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Patient Forms

We ask that you print the new patient forms and bring them completed to your initial evaluation. If you are unable to print forms, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please bring your insurance cards, photo ID, and your prescription/order for Physical Therapy.

For your appointment, there are a total of two forms (three pages total) to complete.

+ To print Form 1 (Medical History Questionnaire) CLICK HERE
+ To print Form 2 (The Patient Demographic Form) CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during your first visit

During the initial visit you will meet with a licensed Physical Therapist. You can expect the Physical Therapist to ask several questions, such as when your pain began, what activities exacerbate your pain or alleviate it, and your medical history. Your therapist will then conduct a series of specialized tests and measurements to determine what areas need to be improved upon. An individualized plan of care will then be developed for each patient according to their needs and goals. Once a plan has been established your therapist may perform a short treatment and instruct the patient in selected home exercises.

What should I bring to my first visit?

We require you to bring your new patient intake forms, a photo ID and insurance card, and in some circumstances, a prescription provided to you by your physician. If you are covered by Medicare, it is required that you provide us with a current medications list.

Can I choose where I receive my Physical Therapy?

Yes, you are entitled to choose what Physical Therapy clinic you go to. However, you should always inquire with your insurance to see if the clinic is in your network.

Does Impact Physical Therapy participate with my insurance?

We participate with most major medical insurance companies, including Medicare, workers compensation, motor vehicle, and self-pay. Please refer to our list of insurance accepted for a more complete list. However, to verify this information, we recommend that you contact your insurance company, by using the number found on the back of your insurance card. Having Physical Therapy benefits is not a guarantee of claim payments, this will be determined by your insurance.

What information do I need for Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident insurance?

Workers Compensation - employer name, address, and phone number, date of injury, claim number, insurance company processing claim (name, billing address, and phone number of adjuster).

Motor Vehicle Accident - name of insurance carrier, billing address, name and phone number of claim adjuster, claim number, state where accident occurred, and date of accident.

How long does the appointment take?

We strive to give you the best care possible, but knowing that your time is valuable, we try to keep sessions between 1 to 1.5 hours. If you are on a time restraint, please notify the therapist at the beginning of treatment.

What is the appropriate dress for Physical Therapy?

Dress depends on the patient’s body part being treated. Please wear loose fitting clothing around the body part being treated, so the therapist can easily access the affected body part. Patients who will be using the pool should wear/bring a swimsuit, if the patient does not own or feel comfortable in a swimsuit, they are permitted to wear a microfiber shirt and shorts. Cotton material is prohibited due to pool filter restrictions.

Will I been seen by the same therapist each visit?

Following your initial evaluation by the Physical Therapist, you can be scheduled with your therapist or one of our highly trained and licensed Physical Therapist Assistants.

Will my doctor be kept updated on my treatments and progress?

A copy of your initial evaluation will be sent to your referring physician, along with regular progress notes to keep your physician updated on your progress and current functional status. Communication with all parties is an important component of your treatment program.

What will happen when I am discharged?

Upon discharge, you will be adequately prepared to transition from Physical Therapy to an individualized, custom home exercise program. You may contact your Physical Therapist at any time with questions or concerns.

What should I do if I am unable to make my appointment?

When scheduling, we make every effort to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules. Some appointment times are in higher demand than others. Therefore, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to change your appointment.

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To save time at your first visit, please click on the links to the left to download and complete our Medical History Questionnaire and Patient Demographic Forms. There will be a total of 3 pages. Thank you.

We see new patients as quickly as possible. In fact, many appointments are available on the same day. We offer flexible hours including early morning and evening appointments. For business hours, please check our Contact & Insurance Page. * Note, we list the last appointment time available and stay until our last patient is done with their treatment.

If you have pain that is getting worse or limiting your regular activities, don’t wait any longer. Call today for your appointment. The sooner we see you, the sooner you can get back to enjoying life. 814.838.2133

At Impact Physical Therapy, our treatment programs are very specific and individualized. Some patients require only a couple of visits with guided stretching/exercises while others require a more comprehensive approach.

Our practice utilizes a team approach and our patients receive the individual care they deserve to ensure optimal results.