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Impact Physical Therapy, LLC
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Direct Access - getting the PT care you need now - without a prescription

In many cases, you no longer need to see a physician first in order to receive Physical Therapy services, thanks to a law known as Direct Access (DA). Don’t delay getting the care you need to get well. Call us directly at (814) 838-2133 to find out how you can get started with therapy today.

Insurances Accepted

We accept most insurances and do our best to work with your insurance provider. These are a list of commonly used insurances we accept. If you do not find your insurance provider listed, call the number on the back of your insurance card for information on participating providers.

+ Highmark BlueCross/Blue Shield
+ Health America
+ United Health Care
+ Medicare
+ TriCare
+ Cigna
+ Humana
+ Optum Health
+ Auto/Motor Vehicle Accident
+ Workers Compensation
+ Self-Pay Option


It is our policy to give each patient the quickest, most complete, and individualized care required by their current presentation. We make every effort to get our patients back to their prior level of function and to what they love to do, from running a marathon to being able to sit and play their favorite card game, with the least amount of discomfort!


Impact Physical Therapy does not provide physical therapy services or advice via the Internet. Information contained on this web site is for information purposes only and is not meant to be used in lieu of consultation with a licensed Physical Therapist or other appropriate health care practitioner. Always consult a licensed Physical Therapist or licensed Physician in matters concerning your Physical Therapy health needs.

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We are located at 5415 West Lake Road, Erie, PA 16505 - just west of Stan’s Garden Center, on the south side of the street, 2 blocks east of Millfair Road.

We’re located about 1 mile west of the Erie International Airport just past Stan’s Garden Center West at 5415 West Lake Road.

Our facility is comfortable, welcoming and well-equipped to ensure you get most from your Physical Therapy care.

We give each patient the most complete, individualized care available. We make every effort to get our patients back to their prior level of function and to what they love to do. We have the right care plan for you.